Wednesday, October 30, 2013

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The 3rd International Conference on Drawing, Cognition and Education
This year’s Thinking through Drawing Symposium/Drawing Research Network Conferenceincludes a wide variety of workshops, discussions, presentations and panels in studios and museum galleries.  We explore the role of drawing in the 21stcentury: what is drawing for? What can it do? What can we do with it?
Drawing pedagogy shapes practice, research shapes pedagogy and practice shapes both. As we think with, through and about drawing, how might pedagogy, practice and research inform one another? We look forward to exploring the interweavings between these aspects of drawing in art, cognitive science and education.
This year, we are delighted to be partnering with the Drawing Research Network and The Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Interdisciplinary research conducted by participants in past Thinking through Drawing symposia suggests that our growing understanding of the cognitive skills involved in drawing can be put to practical use across various arenas, from the K-12 classroom to the training of surgeons. The symposia bring together artists, performers, cognitive scientists, medical practitioners, philosophers, art educators and others to consider the relationships between drawing and cognition. Researchers across geographical and disciplinary borders address how recent findings from cognitive psychology and neurosciences can inform arts education, with a particular emphasis on drawing. The mix of practitioners, researchers and scholars from the arts, cognitive sciences and other disciplines has made the interchanges exciting and provocative.
Angela Brew
Michelle Fava
Andrea Kantrowitz
Thinking through Drawing
Simon Downs
Drawing Research Network
Rebecca McGinnis
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
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